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Photo by artist Pipo Nguyen-duy

Images of Vietnam: A Future Beyond War

by Brian Miller on Jun 5, 2014

The Vietnam War was a tragedy for the United States – a failed policy costing thousands of lives. But Vietnam suffered an ordeal of greater proportion, losing a good part … Continue reading

Bank vault at Morton Hotel in Grand Rapids

Site:Lab in Grand Rapids

by Stafford Smith on Jun 5, 2014

“F**k, I don’t want an elevator pitch. It’s different every time,” asserted Paul Amenta, founder of Site:Lab. I had just made the faux pas of asking him to sum up … Continue reading

Coronal Mass Ejection by Scott Hocking at the Mattress Factory

Detroit: Artists in Residence @ the Mattress Factory

by Robert Raczka on May 7, 2014

Detroit, in the news as of late for a now-familiar litany of urban blight, bankruptcy, and slashed services, seems to be forging a new oddly fashionable identity for itself as … Continue reading

iPad scanned on flatbed scanner and then reprinted on paper multiple times

Andrea Longacre-White: Ceiling

by Rose Bouthillier on May 1, 2014

Photography is an increasingly ambiguous and ubiquitous activity. Lingering anxiety over analog versus digital formats, combined with the growing field of image capturing tools, (scanners, webcams, screen grabs, and cell … Continue reading

Art Shorts & Hopper Picks

Contemporary Glass by Leno Tagliapietra

Flying Glass

Jonathan Rinck


If American glass megastar Dale Chihuly calls him, “… perhaps the greatest glassblower in the world,” you know he has to be pretty good. No need to take Chihuly at his word, because now visitors to the Toledo Museum of … Continue reading

Cleveland Institute of Art - Lunch on Friday - Panel Discusion

On Art Writing – Panel – April 11, 2014 @ CIA


4.4.14 partners with the Cleveland Institute of Art on for a panel discussion, On Art Writing, on Friday April 11, 2014. A vital economy requires a dynamic creative community, which in turn needs an engaged discourse to support it. The … Continue reading

Sculpture by Chris Jones at the Oakland University Art Gallery

Ringing a Bell for Sculpture

Ron Scott


If the role of a university is to educate then the exhibition of sculpture at the Oakland University Art Gallery becomes a space to bring together objects from diverse locations in The Body Metonymic: International Contemporary Sculpture. Twelve international artists … Continue reading

Drawing by Lori Korsmo at the Erie Fine Art Museum

Lori Korsmo: Structrue and Chaos

Mary Birdsong


Lori Korsmo’s austere and rich drawings straddle the divide between structure and chaos, discipline and abandon. Her mostly monochromatic ink or pencil drawings on paper or plate appear static, perhaps even cold but closer observation reveals lively matrices of pattern … Continue reading

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