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    Upcoming at MOCA Cleveland: How to Remain Human

    by Lisa Kurzner on May 21, 2015

    Lisa Kurzner in conversation with curators Megan Lykins Reich and Rose Bouthillier

    Several of the artists featured in How to Remain Human span multiple generations,

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    Joyce J Scott at MOCA Cleveland Truth and Visions

    Joyce J. Scott: Truths and Visions

    by Lane Cooper on May 20, 2015

    Joyce Scott makes you think about the uncomfortable things you’d rather forget. She goes her own way, in person and through her work, existing as a palpable, potent life force.

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    Nina Berman Human Target Practice, All America Day, Ft. Bragg, North Caroline, USA


    by Scott Turri on Apr 20, 2015

    This spring Suzanne Slavick, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Art at Carnegie Mellon University, curated an exhibition at SPACE with a singular theme, guns. On view through April 26th, UNLOADED features 19 artists at a variety of career trajectories from international and national locales both east and west and points between,

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    Mike Olenick The Morgue of Memories at Canzani Center Gallery

    Field Trip: COR&P and CCAD

    by Elena Harvey Collins on Apr 14, 2015

    A couple of years ago, my son, then six, lectured a male friend of a friend about Hero Factory, a Lego spin-off consisting of bristly, endlessly modifiable heroes. In great detail,

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    Shorts and Picks

    Rubber City Prints. Akron, Ohio.

    Rubber City Prints

    Aubrey O'Brien


    More than three months ago, Akron area’s first fine arts print shop, Rubber City Prints, celebrated its grand opening on Saturday, November 1st, 2014. Founded by Akron printmaker Pamela Testa, Rubber City Prints presents a unique opportunity for Akron area residents.

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    Susan Goethel Campbell Heatscape #3

    Susan Goethel Campbell: FIELD GUIDE

    Ron Scott


    On January 10, 2015 Oakland University Art Gallery in Rochester, MI, opened an exhibition of work by Susan Goethel Campbell who completed her MFA in printmaking at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1989. Curated by Dick Goody,

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    Painting by Adrian Hatfield.

    From Detroit to Harlem: The Butcher’s Daughter

    Ron Scott


    When you’re just out of Georgetown University with a graduate degree in art history and the financial world has imploded, what do you do? Monica Bowman opened a gallery, The Butcher’s Daughter, in a suburb of Detroit and started selling art to a local market.

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    Cildo Meirreles

    A New Look at Everyday Currency

    Brian Miller


    In a way, money might be an odd topic for an art exhibition. Coins and bills are such an everyday part of our lives that we rarely contemplate them. American currency is rather plain and rarely changes, so why would we notice it?

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