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    Corrie Slawson Screenprint

    Slawson at Shaheen: Before and After

    by Halona Norton-Westbrook on Jun 29, 2016

    My first introduction to Corrie Slawson’s work came in the summer of 2014, when she answered an online open call for artists living within 150-miles of the Toledo Museum of … Continue reading

    Selection from the Museum of Canine Eugenics

    The People’s Museum of Revisionist Natural Itstory

    by Rebecca Groynom on Jun 29, 2016

    Cleveland’s near west side gallery SPACES is a preeminent force in presenting artists who push the envelopes of expression and exploration. SPACES described its winter exhibition, The People’s Museum of … Continue reading

    Jeff Smith. Bone #9. 1993-2007.

    Momentary pleasure, Lasting value

    by Brian Miller on Jun 29, 2016

    A cartoon is by nature a thing of today, a transitory image in a soon-be-thrown-away or recycled newspaper or, increasingly, a screen image flashing for a moment and gone. The … Continue reading

    Derrick Adams Fun Fabulous Friends


    by Anna Schuer McCoy on Jun 29, 2016

    One of the first works of art viewers encountered in the Pizzuti Collection’s exhibition US IS THEM was Argentinean artist Judi Werthein’s video installation La Tierra de los Libres (2008). … Continue reading


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