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    Julia Wachtel's the ideology of love

    Transformer Station: Julia Wachtel & Anicka Yi, Death

    by Christian Whitworth on Jan 16, 2015

    Entering into the Transformer Station’s recent pairing of two solo exhibitions by female artists, Julia Wachtel and Anicka Yi, Death, the requiem-toned red wall of the Crane Gallery peeks from … Continue reading

    South State of the Art Gallery

    72712: State of the Art

    by Theresa Bembnister on Jan 16, 2015

    Read the “About” page for the State of the Art: Discovering American Art Now website and you can practically hear the movie-trailer voiceover: “The ultimate road trip, to a thousand … Continue reading

    People's Biennial at MOCAD

    People’s Biennial 2014

    by Thea Spittle on Dec 31, 2014

    Walking into the People’s Biennial 2014 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) feels more like stumbling upon a hidden neighborhood than entering an art exhibition. Clusters of colorful … Continue reading

    Work by Alivia Zivich at the Cave, Detroit

    Alivia Zivich: Fat Hacker

    by Rose Bouthillier on Dec 21, 2014

    a super fragile callous mystic hexed by halitosis. So reads a “punch line” that arcs across the surface of Alivia Zivich’s piece Natural Flavor with Other Natural Flavor. The text … Continue reading


    Shorts and Picks

    Painting by Adrian Hatfield.

    From Detroit to Harlem: The Butcher’s Daughter

    Ron Scott


    When you’re just out of Georgetown University with a graduate degree in art history and the financial world has imploded, what do you do? Monica Bowman opened a gallery, The Butcher’s Daughter, in a suburb of Detroit and started selling … Continue reading

    Cildo Meirreles

    A New Look at Everyday Currency

    Brian Miller


    In a way, money might be an odd topic for an art exhibition. Coins and bills are such an everyday part of our lives that we rarely contemplate them. American currency is rather plain and rarely changes, so why would … Continue reading

    Performance by artist José Carlos Teixeira

    Unruly Engagements Conference at the Cleveland Institute of Art

    Kate Sopko


    For decades, social practice art has been solidifying its relevance within almost every medium of contemporary artistic practice. A term curator Maria Lind deems “kaleidoscopic” in range, social practice refers to any art work that positions itself somehow within a … Continue reading

    Installation shot by photographer Joe Levack of Trenton Doyle Hancock exhibit at the Akron Art Museum

    Trenton Doyle Hancock @ the Akron Art Museum

    Karl Anderson


    When the glass doors of the Karl and Bertl Arnstein Galleries open, visitors are immediately enveloped in color—surrounded by yellow and pink walls. The stark contrast of Trenton Doyle Hancock’s black and white drawings against these saccharine, bubble gum-colored backdrops … Continue reading

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