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The Scribe

Todd Weinstein: Light is My Voice

by Ron Scott on Oct 25, 2014

During his senior year at Oak Park High School in the suburbs of Detroit, Todd Weinstein’s photography teacher asked him to assist in a photo shoot at the Indianapolis 500, … Continue reading

Contemporary art installation with real grass

Pittsburgh Biennial 2014: The Mattress Factory

by Catherine Walworth on Oct 2, 2014

I don’t know what it is about the Mattress Factory museum in Pittsburgh but personally I’m convinced that it contains a magical people portal, a feature that transforms art viewing … Continue reading

Kid in rabbit costume in a swamp

Snapshots: Found Photography Resurrected in Cleveland

by Rachel Hunt on Sep 24, 2014

How do you assign value to an anonymous photograph in an art market obsessed with names and proprietary rights? Located on the first floor of the ArtCraft building in the … Continue reading

Production image of Inferno by Yael Bartana

Yael Bartana: Inferno

by Bruce Checefsky on Sep 23, 2014

Each time I took Yael Bartana’s Inferno ride, I sat closer to the front in hopes of a better thrill. I was never let down. Admittedly, I was blown away … Continue reading

Art Shorts & Hopper Picks

Installation shot by photographer Joe Levack of Trenton Doyle Hancock exhibit at the Akron Art Museum

Trenton Doyle Hancock @ the Akron Art Museum

Karl Anderson


When the glass doors of the Karl and Bertl Arnstein Galleries open, visitors are immediately enveloped in color—surrounded by yellow and pink walls. The stark contrast of Trenton Doyle Hancock’s black and white drawings against these saccharine, bubble gum-colored backdrops … Continue reading

Installation by Lauren Yeager

Annmarie Suglio, Paracelsus, Lauren Yeager and Nikki Woods @ the sunroom

Elena Harvey Collins


During the last days of summer, the sunroom has played host to a series of installations that explore the potential of domestic space as a platform for exhibiting art. A new project organized by Cleveland-based curator Thea Spittle, the sunroom … Continue reading

Hats painted in oil on canvas by painter Timothy van Laar at Re:View Contemporary Gallery in Detroit, Michigan

Timothy van Laar @ Re:View Contemporary Gallery

Ron Scott


Under the direction of Simone DeSousa since 2008, Re:View Contemporary Gallery in the heart of midtown Detroit opened its fall season with a solo exhibition by Timothy van Laar. A native Michigan artist, critic and scholar, Mr. van Laar attended … Continue reading

Contemporary Glass by Leno Tagliapietra

Flying Glass

Jonathan Rinck


If American glass megastar Dale Chihuly calls him, “… perhaps the greatest glassblower in the world,” you know he has to be pretty good. No need to take Chihuly at his word, because now visitors to the Toledo Museum of … Continue reading

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