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    A Myriad of One: Simone DeSousa


    Painting by Simeone DeSousa

    Indvisible 1. Simeone DeSousa. 2013. Painting on Wood, Photo courtesy of Paul David Rearick.

    Celebrating abstract painting in Detroit has not been overly popular in recent years with a move towards conceptual art or to artists developing new ideas using illusionistic imagery. Simone DeSousa’s exhibition at her gallery project, Re:View Contemporary in midtown Detroit, takes a fresh look at the basic tenants of non-representational abstraction: Color, Form, Line and materials. Think about Richard Diebenkorn’s painting, Ocean Park No. 54 from 1972, showing his evolution from a figurative / landscape tradition to find his abstraction. DeSousa’s evolution feels more like a journey from an architectural sensibility to a place where we find works painted on wood sharing a common palette of red, black, white and gray. Comfortable moving away from canvas material and the rectangle form, she creates a trapezium with an open slot reminding the viewer of the fluid potential of form. The hard wood surface becomes an interesting element in composition.

    Simone DeSousa received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Brasilia, Brazil in Architecture and Urbanism. She is the founder and director of Re:View Contemporary, a gallery and art project in Cass Corridor in Midtown Detroit.

    The exhibition, A Myriad of One, runs through June 29, 2013.

    Re:View Contemporary Gallery

    444 W. Willis Street

    Detroit, MI 48201

    Abstract Painting

    Indvisible 2. Simeone DeSousa. 2013. Painting on Wood, Photo courtesy of Paul David Rearick.

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