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    Andrea Joki: Dancing Paint


    Painting by Andrea Joki

    In the Mood. Andrea Joki. 2012. Acrylic and Oil on Linen. 50″ h x 43″ w

    This past May and June William Busta Gallery displayed a small selection of recent work from painter, Andrea Joki. In the new abstract works, Joki’s two seemingly separate ideas coalesce as one: time passing and building perception. These ideas combine in six paintings completed in 2012 and in the series Time Passing in the Mojave Desert – a small selection of works on paper accompanied by an artist’s book.

    The new paintings in Joki’s ongoing series of work evoke a simultaneous effect of close and far, like a sun-induced mirage. They appear as compressed yet densely layered paintings up close, and from a distance of 10 to 15 feet away, they appear as a series of marks, notes, or elements dancing.

    Six new abstract compositions, created with acrylic and oil on linen, captivate as paintings, and when deconstructed, offer the viewer other equally inviting attributes. The paintings materialize formally out of processes, some slightly gestural, and some linear with specific vertical and diagonal striping made through the use of line painted on the support. In the painting, Floating Face Down, the paint goes down in layers as if following a specific set of rules with multiple outcomes. Each rule intends to form a substructure, a random topography if you will, apart from the canvas.

    The painting, In The Mood, treats paint as mosaic, almost a passage of time, in a Steve Reich sort of way. Paint is then observed as found image where every element becomes music. In The Mood leaves an open construction, one built out of repetition as a way to access pattern, broken music or possibly Joki’s internal music. By using different processes in layers, dabbling in chromatic grays, whites, army beige, summer greens and pastels and a vertical application of off white and dark almost black, her paintings resonate in a variety of surprising ways, almost quiet as record of incident and artifact – paint captured on the surface. This experience is complimented in a different but related way in the drawings on paper in the Time Passing in the Mojave Desert series.

    Detail of a painting by artist Andrea Joki

    Floating Face Down (detail). Andrea Joki. 2012. Acrylic and Oil on Linen. 50″ h x 35″ w

    Drip paintings accompany a small artist’s edition book completed in the Mojave Desert from her travels over the last three years. The history of the landscape and geological features in the Mojave region serve as a source of interest to the artist. The paintings resemble a record of time as Joki, working in a pop up studio onsite, matched colors to the landscape.

    Joki’s work presents a singular experience observed in a region of the Mojave Desert and in and out of the artist studio. The work demands patience and rewards the viewer with a fresh sense of perception.

    Jenniffer Omaitz is an artist, educator, and writer based in northern Ohio.  View more articles by Jenniffer Omaitz.

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