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    Annmarie Suglio, Paracelsus, Lauren Yeager and Nikki Woods @ the sunroom


    Installation by Lauren Yeager

    The Call of the Wild, Ringing in Your Ears. Lauren Yeager. 2014. Clocks, dimensions variable. Photo courtesy of Thea Spittle.

    During the last days of summer, the sunroom has played host to a series of installations that explore the potential of domestic space as a platform for exhibiting art. A new project organized by Cleveland-based curator Thea Spittle, the sunroom is located in her parents’ 1916 Italianate-Colonial home in Cleveland Heights. The premise for the sunroom exhibition series is deceptively simple: artists make and exhibit work in response to this intimate home environment. At each opening reception, the artists’ work and everyone in attendance spills out into the classic, shade-dappled Cleveland Heights garden.

    The featured artists (so far all Cleveland-based) approach this non-traditional venue in different ways. For the first iteration of the sunroom, Annmarie Suglio suspended large hand-woven textiles that swayed and billowed in the summer breeze. For the second installment of the series, Paracelsus’ experiential video and sound installation perceptively bridged the site’s interior and exterior as darkness fell, while Lauren Yeager’s signature blend of smart observational interventions took shape as pre-fabricated wall-mounted animal-call clocks. Installed on the sunroom’s walls, the synchronized clocks produced a quiet cacophony of sounds each hour on the hour.

    At the sunroom, each work is experienced through the filter of the home and its garden environment, including the way the light looks on a late summer evening or the particular sounds of this leafy street. An intimate, generous project, the sunroom gently re-frames the family home as a site for cultural production on a neighborhood level.

    Featuring new work by Nikki Woods, the final installment of the sunroom project series opens this Saturday, September 20th from 4 – 7pm. the sunroom is located at 2624 Wellington Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118. Please RSVP to Saturday’s opening via email to tcspittle {at-} gmail.com

    Installation by Annmarie Suglio at the sunroom curated by Thea Spittle

    Bear Man, Bear Man, What Do You See? Annmarie Suglio. 2014. Cotton yarn, twine, textile pigment, 102 inches x 180 inches Photo by Annmarie Suglio.

    Elena Harvey Collins is an artist and writer, and Curatorial Assistant at MOCA Cleveland.  View more articles by Elena Harvey Collins.

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