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    Brite Winter February 16, 2013 in Ohio City


    Brite Winter Festival Logo in Cleveland Ohio

    Feeling as though the darkness of winter will never end? The BRITE WINTER Festival in the Ohio City Market District of Cleveland, Ohio has the cure. Now in its 4th year the always free an open to the public festival of music, art, games and food brightens up the most severe case of winter blues.

    This year’s festival starts at 5:00 on February 16th and runs to 10:00 for outdoor events. Indoor events run until 1:00 am. Guitarists with frozen fingers will play on two outdoor stages as well as on indoor stages at local commercial establishments including Joy Machines Bike Shop, Market Ave. Wine Bar, The Cleveland Hostel and The Loren Naji Gallery.

    GE Lighting donated thousands of lights for local artists to make installations that promise to add to the delight and glee of festival attendees. Whether you plan to try your hand at the 24 foot long giant skeeball ramp or other new games for 2013 make sure to pack gloves and other toasty apparel.

    For a complete listing of all the winter fun head over to the BRITE WINTER website or their Facebook page. They have a Kickstarter fundraising page as will as that Twitter thing kids are doing these days.

    Happy Brite Winter to all.

    Jimmy Kuehnle is an artist and the founder of Arthopper.org. Google+  View more articles by Jimmy Kuehnle.

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