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    Brite Winter Festival


    Bright Lights at the Brite Winter Festival

    Brite Winter Festival © Sarah Groh Photography

    A community came together on Saturday, February 18th for the yearly Brite Winter Festival in Cleveland, Ohio. Although no snow covered the ground, The Brite Winter Festival stayed true to name giving guests a bone chilling cold night out. The festival combated the cold and made the night one to remember with music in the air, games to play and art all around.

    The constant waves of sound coming from the many diverse bands never seemed to disappoint. For six straight hours bands including, Bethesda, Black Taxi, Lighthouse and the Whaler, Bad Veins, and Tom Evanchuck & the Old Money, amazed the crowd by sparking excitement or a need to dance. If not huddling around one of the bonfires, guests lined up for the games set up by some of the festivals sponsors. People rolled soccer balls as hard as they could at a giant Skeeball game sponsored by Brite Winter, or hurled birds at pigs at an Angry Birds game sponsored by RCI International. While there were only a few games, people still seemed to be psyched by them, and returned to them to try again and again.

    Video projection by artist Kasumi

    A Mid-Winter's Steriopticon. Kasumi, 2011. Brite Winter Festival 2012. © Sarah Groh Photography

    Most thrilling were the sights and experiences offered by many artists and collaborators. Sarah Kabot and Cleveland Institute of Art students built a fantastical mirrored installation in a box truck. On the side of the box truck Kasumi projected A Mid-Winter’s Stereopticon, a 45 remix created specifically for Brite Winter. Barbara Chira installed an art wonderland in Dragonfly Lounge. Guests saw ArtHopper’s own Jimmy Kuehnle walking around in one of his inflatables, which, to say the least, was smashing. Literally, he walked around gently smashing into people and objects. The hard work of many artists shined through the night and throughout Ohio City as hundreds of people came to check out the wonder of the Brite Winter Festival.

    A spectacular night not only for the Cleveland community but also the music and art scenes, Brite Winter did not disappoint. As for next year, it can only get bigger and better.

    Brite Winter Festival in Cleveland, Ohio

    Brite Winter Festival © Sarah Groh Photography

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