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    Duplicities @ Legation, a Gallery


    Installation of sculpture by Jim Leach and Derek Galvin

    47%. Derek Gelvin. 2012.

    Duplicites, a two-person show at Legation, a Gallery, highlights recent sculptures by Kent State University Masters Candidate, Derek Gelvin and Jim Leach, a recent KSU BFA (2011).

    Legation, often an interesting and challenging space to show, is situated on the second floor of the 78th street studios complex. For this month’s show, the gallery continues to focus more and more on showing innovative sculpture. Gelvin and Leach take the move the viewer’s eyes off the architecture of the gallery by filling the space with an interesting and complex transformation. Gelvin exhibits several fabricated wood structures. What look like shacks, or the bare necessities of what one might perceive as a partial home are free standing throughout the gallery. Leach’s work occupies space on and off the wall, using a variety of materials, that reference memory, association, and surreal parings to excite conversations about how, why, and where the materials come from.

    While each artist utilizes different conceptual approaches to sculpture, using themes of narrative and abstraction, both work to unite their approaches. Duplicites is a must see show before ending on February 19.


    Sculpture by Jim Leach at Legation, a gallery

    Kurt's Yurt. Jim Leach. 2011.

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