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    Print by artist and printmaker Kevin Czaplewski at Zygote Press

    Birthday Surprise. Kevin Czapiewski. 2012. 8 in x 10 in, Courtesy photo.

    Curated by Sarah Kabot, this exhibition reflects a taste for lush, hip graphics and wicked dark humor. Featuring graphic narratives dealing with domestic themes and taken from artist’s zines, online publications and traditional drawing, the show is refreshing in its departure from the standard gallery fare. Seductive pieces range from powerful black and whites to the eye-popping and playfully quirky palette of Ashley Gerst. Built around funny and engaging stories, the works have a visual impact that draws the viewer back even after reading all the words. In the tradition of artists working through Russian Constructivism or Art Nouveau, House Broken presents a real fusion between graphic design, illustration and visual art and actually delivers the juicy creativity often promised by such marriages – but too often lacking.

    Large format digital print by contemporary printmaker artist Ashley Gerst at Aygote Press in Cleveland, Ohio.

    Too Many Turtles. Ashley Gerst. 2013. Large format digital print. 73 in x 35 1/4 in, 2 panels, Courtesy photo.

    A serigraphic work-in-progress by Zygote Artist-In-Residence Stefan Hoffmann adds to the mix. Hoffmann has developed a system that mines found imagery from historical sources and the neighborhoods he is working in. From these found images he produces graphics that aesthetically teeter between international travel icons and medieval woodcuts. The results are potent in their economy and poetic in the readings they suggest. Transferred onto silkscreens, he then prints his vignettes directly onto walls or windows as part of large-scale and site-specific print installations. The Dutch artist says of his own work, “My working process is a search for an adequate visual answer to the specific situation and the social, political issues I encounter.”

    Over the course of this exhibit, Hoffman will work in the gallery and respond to Zygote and its neighborhood. The artist encourages the public to come watch him work and to see how his response unfolds.

    Anyone with an interest in graphic narratives will surely want to allot plenty of time to sufficiently linger with the work in this show. House Broken features work by: Brandon Bees, Kevin Czapiewski, Ashley Gerst, Stefan Hoffman, Jason Weisensel and Jessi Zabarsky.

    Hurry, House Broken remains up through this Wednesday, June 26th.

    Zygote GALLERY
- Wednesdays 12pm – 4pm & 6 – 9:30pm
    Saturdays 12 – 4pm 
& by appointment

    Lane Cooper, an Associate Professor at the Cleveland Institute of Art and practicing artist, holds an MFA in Painting.  View more articles by Lane Cooper.

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