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    Grid List @ Center Galleries


    Painting by Patrick Morrissey at the Center Galleries at the College for Creative Studies

    Two People in a Room. Patrick Morrissey. 2011. Screen Print on Aluminum panel, 21” X 27”; photo by Ron Scott, courtesy of Center for Creative Studies 2012

    A collection of twenty artists makes up the Grid List that just opened at the Center Galleries of The College for Creative Studies. The exhibition features an eclectic collection of work that mixes up media and medium. Joseph Bernard, Professor Emeritus at CCS, with acrylic and collage materials arranged on a wood panel, depicts symbols that refer back to early century markings. The painting is juxtaposed with Paul Corio’s acrylic painting on canvas that might remind the viewer of a colorful contemporary radar screen. Mr. Curio, a painter teaching at Parson’s School of Design and living in New York City, puts much of his energy into color and design. Patrick Morrissey, one of the coordinators of the exhibit, displays a screen print on an aluminum panel that starts to cause hallucinations if the viewer looks too long. The black and white design bends itself to create an optical illusion that slithers along the grid. Mr. Morrissey is a reductive artist working in London as part of a two man collective with Hanz Hancock. David E. Peterson provides the exhibit with a large acrylic and UV resin panel that uses a grid to support two large rectangles of solid color. Mr. Peterson is an abstract painter who attended the College for Creative Studies, but now lives and works in Atlanta, GA.

    Grid List runs through March 3, 2012 in the Center Galleries at The College for Creative Studies. The show is co-organized by Marks Sengbush and Patrick Morrissey and includes artists from London, New York, Atlanta, and Detroit.

    Center Galleries
    College for Creative Studies
    301 Frederick Douglass
    Detroit, MI 48202

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