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    Human Imprints @ Survival Kit


    Andy Curlowe on display at Survival Kit Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio

    Andy Curlowe.

    Survival Kit, the scrappy Cleveland, OH gallery run by Alex TapiĆ© and Brian Straw, welcomes you to the closing of Human Imprints. This Friday, November 15, 2013 is the last chance to the see work from Kim Bissett and Andy Curlowe that examines the ephemeral imprints that we humans leave behind. Bissett’s paper works “form constructions both painterly and sculptural.” Curlowe exhibits a series of photographs of 35 red tents in the Green Mountains. True to form, Survival Kit pairs art with music. OPUS 216 Ensemble and {Re:Voice} will perform pieces by Philip Glass and other artists. The gallery opens at 5:00 pm as part of the regular 3rd Friday 78 Street Studios event. Music performances start at 9:15pm.

    For more information visit www.survivalkitgallery.com.

    The gallery is located at:

    1305 W 80th Street
    Suite 3C
    Cleveland, OH 44102

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