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    Mary Lou Ferbert: Sidewalks


    Watercolor by Mary Lou Ferbert at the Bonfoey Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio

    Sidewalk III. Mary Lou Ferbert. 2013. Transparent watercolor. Photo courtesy of the artist.

    Cleveland native, Mary Lou Ferbert, opens a show of new watercolors at the
    Bonfoey Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio that runs from Friday, October 11 to November 19, 2013. Through expert handling of watercolor, the artist captures what happens to neglected sandstone sidewalks exposed to the harsh winters and baking summers of the rust belt. Ferbert probes the cracks and decay that contribute to the general disrepair of the sidewalks for the beauty inherent in these overlooked pieces of Cleveland. For this exhibition the artist examines a series of sidewalks found along the deteriorated streets of Cleveland, a city that could replace half of its driving lanes with sidewalks and bicycle lanes and not experience increased traffic. Fallen leaves cling to unfilled cracks that let in water, the common enemy to all stone. The sandstone in Cleveland’s sidewalks formed 300 million years ago only to crumble after a little over a hundred years of use. How much of our day to day trivialities would remain for archeologists after such a long time? The concrete replacement sidewalks do not stand a chance.

    The Bonfoey Gallery
    1710 Euclid Avenue
    Cleveland, OH 44115

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