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    Matter, Energy and Asteroids


    Acrylic on Canvas by James Massena March

    Asteroid. James Massena March. Acrylic on Canvas; 36" x 36"

    Abstract painter James Massena March, debuts Evolution, a large collection of paintings completed roughly over the last two years. March, a Cleveland based artist, has exhibited in over 50 shows and received the Ohio Arts Prize for painting in 2009. A powerful series of paintings ranging from hard edge abstraction, geometric, Op-Art to illusionistic abstract imagery await the viewer at Tregoning & Company until February 28.

    Evolution collects three series of work: Wave Mechanics, Hilbert Space, and Reconstruction. Each series uses strategies of painting in a relatively new and evolved way. Perhaps the Reconstruction series evolves the furthest. Prominently shown on the back gallery wall, this series of abstract acrylic paintings uses the flatness of the two dimensional surface, pushing color and a simple linear form to grab the viewer’s attention. March states that this newest series allowed for “more spontaneity and experimentation.”

    March writes in his artist statement, [Hilbert Space] “is the mathematical definition of the multi-dimensional space at the quantum level.” In both technique and application of paint, March tries to excite an energy and matter reaction in the viewer…for you to decide.

    For More information on James Massena March visit http://www.tregoningandco.com/

    James Massena March: Evolution runs through February 28, 2012 at Tregoning & Company.

    Painting by artist james Massena March

    Storm Surge. James Massena March. 2011. Acrylic on Canvas; 48" x 60", 2011

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