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    Sculpture installation by Nathanial Murray at Survival Kit Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio

    The Amazing, Amassing Plasticraft! Nathaniel Murray. 2012. Plastic; (Photo courtesy of the artist)

    Plasnik 3 orbits a craft providing surveillance of the environment and its inhabitants. The wall-mounted satellite uses a plastic toy box in the shape of a head as its outer shell while plastic jugs and other disposed items make up the internal mechanics. Nathaniel Murray’s The Amazing, Amassing Plasticraft!, part of the study of an eco-system, hovers in the middle of Survival Kit Gallery at the West 78th Street Studios in Cleveland, Ohio. Part of the gallery’s Grand Re-Opening, the exhibition, Vivid Parts, features paintings and assemblages by David Cintron, Kate Kisicki and Nathaniel Murray. The gallery boasts 75% more space and a new feeling of excitement revealed by gleaming white walls, a well attending opening event and of course live music. Cintron’s and Kisicki’s paintings employ bright colors and dynamic brushwork creating abstract compositions that have botanical connotations and a grand sense of frenzied movement. Kisicki’s varied experiments with process and media relate to the ephemeral and changing nature of the plastic installation in the center of the space.

    Contemporary Art Sculpture by Nathanial Murray in Cleveland, Ohio

    The Amazing, Amassing Plasticraft! Nathaniel Murray. 2012. Plastic; (Photo courtesy of the artist)

    The Amazing, Amassing Plasticraft!, “capable of anything imagined” consists of plastic detritus including baskets, clip lamps, a sled, pex tubing, salad bowls, construction barrel pieces, Arm & Hammer containers, flower pots, drain tile, a kerosene can, an antifreeze jug, a clothes rack, gas cans, a vacuum hose attachment, bungee cords, a mustard bottle and a host of other items from our consumer wasteland. Next to the craft stands a free “plastidian” mammal study of a life-form utilizing another system of organization. A garden hose and the lid of the toy box from the shell of Plasnik 3 form the plastidian mammal that pilots the craft. Long arcs of plastic tubing sweep through the scene capturing it as an explosion while the two end caps, the toy box head and lid, depict an infinitely fast expanding and contacting slinky. Nathaniel describes the scene as a “swarm of materials that composed themselves into totems that are lost within each other, much like a magnet pulling together a composed mess.” Reminiscent of the City of Tomorrow or a display at the Detroit Auto Show the sculpture makes one wonder about the possibilities of plastic interstellar travelers. On the ground level a glimpse of the plastidian gaggle confronts the viewer. Plastic geese with glossy orange pails covering their heads do not bury their heads into the sand. Rather they hold them high, pressing ever deeper into the empty pails determined to look onward to a plastic future full of potential. In Murray’s view the potential includes, droids, beacons and surveillance. Whether accurate or not, this study of a plastic ecosystem will keep a smile on your face and an eye over your shoulder to make sure the gaggle is not following you around the room.

    For more information visit: http://www.survivalkitgallery.com/

    Survival Kit
    1305 W 80th Street, Suite 3C
    Cleveland, OH 44102

    Sculpture at Survival Kit Gallery in Cleveland, OH

    The Amazing, Amassing Plasticraft! Nathaniel Murray. 2012. Plastic; (Photo courtesy of the artist)

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