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    Reflections on Mark Soppeland


    Sculpture by Mark Soppeland

    Mark Soppeland is more than a West Akron artist; he is a bearer of news. Sharing information is tricky, as people have a tendency to shoot the messenger. Communication is the role of an artist. Intuitively knowing that talk only leads to fatigue, Soppeland allows his work to speak for him. Known as a designer and a painter, his real masterpieces are in sculpture where he works with found objects and lights, creating protective guardians and shrines that have their own subtle wonderment, warmth and zany charm to them. Soppeland often refers to himself as a Magician who is interested in transformations, desiring to see a change in people and objects. The magician takes an ordinary object and morphs it into something extraordinary, magical, manifesting energy and thought into masterpieces on Earth. The most ancient magic is to make real whatever one imagines.

    The need to create is as essential to him as air. Knowing how to access the enchantment of creation through willpower and desire, Mark Soppeland is a man obsessed. Obsession can be dangerous but also can lead to brilliance and exquisite craftsmanship. Blessed with a Midas touch, he can turn a mound of junk in to a genie lamp that will grant three wishes. It takes a truly innovative mind to take a busted lamp and a tea kettle and turn it in to a mystical creature that has a real presence about it.

    Kaitlynn Lane is a student and writer based in Akron, OH.  View more articles by Kaitlynn Lane.

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