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    Rubber City Prints. Akron, Ohio.

    Rubber City Prints. Akron, Ohio.

    More than three months ago, Akron area’s first fine arts print shop, Rubber City Prints, celebrated its grand opening on Saturday, November 1st, 2014. Founded by Akron printmaker Pamela Testa, Rubber City Prints presents a unique opportunity for Akron area residents. It is one of only five fine arts print shops in the state of Ohio.

    Rubber City Print’s website states that the shop’s mission is “to provide support to local artists, from students to professionals, by offering opportunities in a creative environment that promotes a free exchange of ideas.”

    True to their mission, Rubber City Prints hosts a staff of fine arts printmakers from Northeast Ohio who are familiar with the needs of the Akron area community, from the students in the surrounding universities who require a collaborative studio space to work, to locals who want to experience printmaking through monthly workshops and demonstrations.

    Upcoming events include a monotype workshop with Pam Testa on Saturday, February 21st and a collagraph workshop with Associate Director, Bridget O’Donnell on three consecutive Saturdays: February 28th, March 7th and March 14th.

    In addition to workshops and classes, Rubber City Prints offers annual membership, as well as contract printing and editioning. The shop is uses non-toxic, sink-safe processes and eco-friendly, vegetable-based solvents for clean up. O’Donnell and Testa have been “playing with new etching baths, grounds and solvents that are much less toxic” than traditional printmaking techniques.

    See rubbercityprints.com for more information regarding membership and upcoming workshops.

    Rubber City Prints. Akron, Ohio.

    Rubber City Prints. Akron, Ohio.

    Aubrey O'Brien is a museum professional and artist in the Northeast Ohio area. She has worked and interned with the Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Botanical Gardens and the Akron Museum of Art.  View more articles by Aubrey O'Brien.

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