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    General Submission Guidelines

    We accept unsolicited submissions that demonstrate a “point-of-view” from artists, critics, scholars and those with a passionate interest in contemporary art, design and craft. After reviewing the guidelines below send manuscripts to editor {at} arthopper.org or use the Submit and Article Form here.

    We publish writing on contemporary art, artists and issues directly relevant to the Greater Lake Erie Region: Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Toronto, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Toledo, Lansing, Dayton, Akron, Erie and all the areas in between.

    There are no word limits except for Shorts but submissions should be of an appropriate and readable length. All submissions should take a creative approach, demonstrate professionalism and show awareness of the field. While descriptions of work are necessary, articles must state an opinion.

    Arthopper does not publish between December 15 – January 5 and from July 1 to August 15.

    We do NOT consider previously published work. Simultaneous submissions are not accepted.

    Types of Articles

    All submissions should include appropriate supporting images. (See Image Guidelines below.)


    Reviews of Exhibitions: Reviews should be timely, include the show title, venue name, dates, and other relevant information. Faculty and student exhibitions are not eligible for publication.

    Essays and Opinion Pieces: Our focus is on content ranging from the scholarly to the irreverent however prose should be accessible to a wide readership.

    Interviews and Profiles: We seek interviews with artists and thought leaders from our art communities.


    A Short offers easily digestible information on exhibitions and events of interest and is 250 words or less.

    Image Guidelines

    Images should be requested directly from the venue and / or artist to ensure professional quality and accurate representation. We must have permission to publish reproductions from the copyright holder. The submitter assumes all responsibility for obtaining rights to publish.

    Images should be a minimum of 1000px across. Include a caption list: Title. Artist. Year. Media. Dimensions. Photo Credit and Copyright Information as needed. Title image files Title of Work_Artist Name.jpg.

    Where to Submit

    Send submissions as a word document and images as jpgs to editor{at} arthopper.org or use this form.


    We currently offer the following honorariums:

    $50 per published Feature

    $10 per published Short

    Press Releases

    Press releases and show announcements can be sent to tharthopper [at] gmail.com or use this form. Publicity materials submitted to any other email address will be ignored. Submission of publicity materials does not guarantee consideration.

    Conflict of Interest

    Arthopper is produced by members of the art communities which they cover. On occasion this means that a writer may have a personal relationship with the subject(s). For transparency all relationships should be clearly stated and disclosed.

    Arthopper will not consider writing about an author’s own work, writing about individual(s) that the author has a financial relationship with, writing about any gallery with which the author has representation, writing about any family member, or any venue institutionally related to the author’s employer.

    Articles commissioned by a gallery or an artist will not be considered.

    Terms and Conditions

    The Foundation for New Creative Projects, Inc. (FNCP) is a 501c(3) tax-exempt non-profit and the parent organization of Arthopper.

    In exchange for our one-time payment, you give FNCP the exclusive right to publish and to sell your article in any form. Without further compensation, you give FNCP a perpetual, exclusive and irrevocable license to republish the article in any form, directly or through others, and to include the article in electronic archives and databases, whether maintained by FNCP or third parties.

    Permission to republish the article anywhere else must be obtained from FNCP.

    In submitting the article, you guarantee that it is original, that all the facts contained therein are true and accurate, that it does not infringe anyone’s copyright or proprietary rights and does not violate any person’s right of privacy, and that the article has not appeared in any other publication in whole or in part.

    Upon submission of your article you will be deemed to have accepted these terms. If you do not accept these terms, you need to notify us. These terms and conditions are subject to change.

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