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    The Dreadfuls @ Whitdel Arts


    Penny Dreadfuls exhibition at Whitdel Arts in Detroit, Michigan

    Postcard for The Dreadfuls. Andy Gabrysiak. 2013.

    Whitdel Arts exhibits contemporary “Penny Dreadfuls” edited by Ryan Standfest and published by ROTLAND PRESS. Taking cues from cheaply produced 19th century pamphlets, the exhibition features nine publications with “shocking and sensational” stories. Drawings from the pages of the cheap reads are also on view. Artists include Josh Bayer, Cole Closser, Sanya Glisic, Gregory Jacobesen, Chris Cilla, Andy Gabrysiak, Ian Huebert, Onsmith and S. William Schudlich.

    Also on view, DEADPAN (the art of the expressionless) curated by Ryan Standfest.

    The exbitions run from November 1 through December 7, 2013. For more information visit www.whitdelarts.com.

    Whitdel Arts
    1250 Hubbard, Suite B1
    Detroit, MI 48209

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