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    The Piano Man Project


    Piano Man Project curated by Ken Aurther at the Sandusky Cultural Center

    Piano Man Project. Ken Arthur. Sandusky Cultural Center. Courtesy photo.

    What can an artist do with an old piano? In the hands of the right artist it can live a new life as a mythical “Piano Man.” Ken Arthur, the guest curator of the Piano Man Project at the Sandusky Cultural Center, describes coming upon a particular trove of objects to use for assemblage sculptures, “As I removed the pieces from the port, I saw in them a torso, a head, arms, and legs.  The Piano Man was born.”   Arthur goes on to say that the original idea of a static marionette grew into a collaborative project involving a community of artists. The project began when artist, Harry Melroy, received two piano men in boxes with the instructions that he could modify them in any way. Arthur only made the request that he get to keep one for the growing collection of piano men. In his curatorial statement, Ken Arthur says that since pianos have eight-eight keys, a typical series produces 44 Piano Men from the remains of three pianos. In the current installment at the Sandusky Cultural Center the work of 75 artists is on display.

    The Piano Man Project opens Sunday, February 17 and runs through March 24, 2013.

    Sandusky Cultural Center
    2130 Hayes Avenue @ Perkins
    Sandusky, Ohio 44870

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